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We know climate is about more than carbon - it’s also about force multipliers like asset finance and distribution, adaptation through the design and construction of hard infrastructure, creating viable ways to increase urban density, and more. We invest with that in mind, which is what takes us beyond short-term solutions and into the long-term, ongoing changes to the systems that power our world.



A real investment is about more than capital. We invest at the earliest stages (pre-seed & seed), stay close to our founders, and work with them from the onset of our relationship to build relationships with other founders, investors, and customers. From crafting a clear, eye-catching subject line to navigating a pitch, our emphasis on coaching leads to productive, inventive, and valuable relationships that bring ideas to life. Our community is more than just a nice idea - it’s a system designed to work for you.


Our investments are designed to minimize dilution and preserve ownership for your team without compromising on rapid growth and impact. That’s why in addition to venture investment, we lend and create asset finance structures like leasing vehicles. In all cases, we’re focused on accelerating growth, which requires more than capital. It takes direct coaching, and connecting teams to customers, talent, and co-investors.


Other ways of working with us

Perl Street

From energy to finance, the next generation of global systems, tend to be distributed. In 2018, Third Sphere began working with some of our founders to understand how we might better help them to fund emerging, distributed assets. Perl Street transforms under-banked hardware companies into bankable deployments with structures formerly reserved for billion-dollar project finance transactions.

Urban Gateway

China is responsible for 28% of global emissions and home to nearly 19% of the worlds population. For many founders this means that having a global impact also means working with the Chinese people. In 2019 Third Sphere began working with Urban Gateway to explore how founders could grow their impact in China. Today, Urban Gateway has partnered with startup founders in areas like space heating and cooling, sustainable real estate development, virtual power plants as well as waste to energy.



Between 2017 and 2021, we ran the sourcing, selection, investment in, and coaching of startups at URBAN-X. As of the final days in December 2021, over 90% of the startups we backed had raised follow-on funding, up from 35% when we started. We opted to conclude our work on URBAN-X so we could focus on our Third Sphere and specifically our approach to acceleration by connecting founders with members of the Third Sphere Network.

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