Many dimensions of change

We’re shaping how tomorrow will run by connecting thinkers and makers to capital. And to each other. Creating a world that works for everyone. Based on sound research - not sound bytes. We understand solutions aren’t waiting in a lab, on a production line, or in a press release. And that it isn’t about the latest tech trend. It’s how we use technology to turn theory into action. Our future depends on the best parts of all of us working together. To reinvent, reimagine, and revolutionize. Because our goals take us beyond overcoming the challenges of climate change. We’re creating the world that will be waiting for us when we get there.



We probably look familiar. In 2013 we began our collective journey as Urban Us to combat climate change by reimagining and upgrading our cities. As our network and portfolio expanded, so did our perspective on how to best create a world that works for everyone. That shift in our thinking led us to look outside city limits for the agents of change that will build our tomorrow. You can learn more about the history of Urban Us and how we built the URBAN-X accelerator from 2017 to 2021.

More on our history here

We were named one ImpactAssets IA 50 2023 Managers, and we’re proud to be members of Impact Capital Managers and Coolwater GP community.

We were the #1 ranked seed stage climate fund in North America by Climate50 in 2022. In the midst of C19, Techcrunch featured us in the top 10 of VCs who founders love the most. And our investment approach has become a regularly taught case at Harvard Business School.


How We Work

  • Evolve constantly to stay talent attractive
  • Are sherpas and guides not competitors or operators
  • Put team first, but celebrate individual achievements

Coaches Not Players

  • Approach all work with humour and humility
  • Use accountability as a guardrail for human frailty
  • Use influence as a function of achievement, not hierarchy

Humans With Humor

  • Own who we are, sunlight is the best disinfectant
  • Believe in open book shared knowledge and resources
  • Practice risk with intention, talk straight and be transparent
  • Do what we can with what we have, more when we have it

Don't Hide Behind Glass

  • Embody new ways to empower positive human futures
  • Act only in service of generative synergies
  • Practice the knowledge that ‘Good is a verb’

Most Good, Least Harm

  • Bias towards action and think in systems not in cogs
  • Design processes to ensure that no idea is left behind
  • Clear space for solutions to ripen on the tree

Finger For The Hand


Connect with our team about investment or joining our network.

Our network empowers us to raise capital for, and expand the impact of, productive new businesses that advance society. It does that by quickly connecting founders not just to customers, but to the talent they need to help realize their vision. That includes other founders, functional or industry experts, and especially other investors.