Stonly Baptiste Blue


Stonly is a Co-founder and Managing Partner of Third Sphere. 

Stonly was born in Haiti, and came to the US as a young child with his family and not much else. He followed his mother’s footsteps as an entrepreneur and started his first business right out of high school, an IT consultancy which he sold soon after. His education followed into physics but he dropped out of college to pursue life as an entrepreneur. He’s founded multiple software, hardware, and service firms since. His last company was an enterprise cloud platform, which, through a series of acquisitions, now lives in NetApp (NTAP on Nasdaq). That exit gave him the freedom to turn his entrepreneurial energy towards helping other founders build impactful companies, which led to co-founding Third Sphere in 2013.

Stonly’s also taught at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and has lectured at Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley. He also currently volunteers as a math and science tutor for the San Francisco Education Fund and is a board member for Impact Capital Managers.

When not taking care of family or building Third Sphere – Stonly trains Muay Thai, lifts weights, studies a variety of subjects including: music, languages, physics, math, and behavioural science.