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Most recent updates (2022-present)

WK533: AI Team Coaching, Climate Pricing, and Startup Success

WK526: Truthiness, resilience and reversions

WK522 (or 10 Years) 🔵🔵🔵

WK518: 24 ideas for 2024

TS Update WK508: Israel, Hamas, & Fossil Fuels

TS Update WK497: Anger, Grit, and Consistency

TS Update WK493: Power Dynamics

TS Update WK486: Renewable roadblocks, heatwave woes, insurance exits, and resilience startups

TS Update WK474: Things were hard, but it's working

TS Update WK466: How happy is this new year?

TS Update WK458 – Gifts, shifts and grifts

Update WK454: Geopolitics and not failing on planetary impact

WK445: Climate Startup Playbook

WK436: Diverging paths: EU vs US climate tech

WK426: Climate Investing 101

WK422 : We have the tech to rapidly ditch fossil fuels

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Pre- Third Sphere (2019-2022)

WK406 - Gifts, resolutions & 24/7 carbon-free electricity

WK400: New credit fund, trends, and plans for 2022

WK392: Pricing, History, and Welcoming Ashtynn + Yana

WK382: Exceptional Talent and Elliptical Climate Effects

WK378: First Urban Us Unicorns

WK374: Every day

WK370: Policy and Capital for Climate Tech

WK364: How it started. How it’s going. 7 Years of Climate, Cities, & Startups

WK362: The Cloud City, Density, Climate Decade and Adaptation

WK354: Time for a New Playbook

WK352: Leadership and two portfolio exits

WK345: Upgrade Cities for Climate Change

WK337: Remote work, real estate and cities

WK330: Black lives, equitable cities, and the next crisis

WK309: Startups help cities beat climate change

WK307: The secret force multiplier of climate action + 7 new startups

WK296: Don Valentine, Climate Resilience & Unicorn Deflation

WK290: Raising less VC money and what does it mean to be a tech company?

WK275: The Urbantech Investor Playbook (+ 7 New Startups)

WK271: NYC Green New Deal & 7 New Urbantech Startups

WK264: Seed Stage Allocation Strategies, City Rankings, Startup Cash, and EVs

WK258: Find the next urbantech unicorn

WK255: Urbantech in 2019

WK249: Better Hardware Startup Math & The Mobility Data Platform 

WK242: Climate Change, Mobility and the Near Term Future of Everything