Once a month we produce our email updates covering new investments, insights and opportunities at the intersection of startups, cities and climate change. There is no time to waste, so we mark the weeks since we started and begin each subject with the current week. Apply to get our future updates.


Most recent updates (2022-present)

WK436: Diverging paths: EU vs US climate tech

WK426: Climate Investing 101

WK422 : We have the tech to rapidly ditch fossil fuels

 🔵 Here’s our plan for the next decade. Will you join us?


Pre- Third Sphere (2019-2022)

WK400: New credit fund, trends, and plans for 2022

WK392: Pricing, History, and Welcoming Ashtynn + Yana

WK382: Exceptional Talent and Elliptical Climate Effects

WK378: First Urban Us Unicorns

WK374: Every day

WK370: Policy and Capital for Climate Tech

WK364: How it started. How it’s going. 7 Years of Climate, Cities, & Startups

WK362: The Cloud City, Density, Climate Decade and Adaptation

WK354: Time for a New Playbook

WK352: Leadership and two portfolio exits

WK345: Upgrade Cities for Climate Change

WK337: Remote work, real estate and cities

WK330: Black lives, equitable cities, and the next crisis

WK309: Startups help cities beat climate change

WK307: The secret force multiplier of climate action + 7 new startups

WK296: Don Valentine, Climate Resilience & Unicorn Deflation

WK290: Raising less VC money and what does it mean to be a tech company?

WK275: The Urbantech Investor Playbook (+ 7 New Startups)

WK271: NYC Green New Deal & 7 New Urbantech Startups

WK264: Seed Stage Allocation Strategies, City Rankings, Startup Cash, and EVs

WK258: Find the next urbantech unicorn

WK255: Urbantech in 2019

WK249: Better Hardware Startup Math & The Mobility Data Platform 

WK242: Climate Change, Mobility and the Near Term Future of Everything


There is more. We started sending email updates every few weeks after our first 6 months. 



We started on Basecamp with a few folks and then opted for email updates. 

This was the first Urban.Us 2.0 (alpha) 



Wk30: HVAC, Resilience & 76 Startup Failures

 Wk31: SAAS to HAAS, Public Safety & $GS IOT Primer  (Early views on hardware as a service)

WK32: Venture Communities, Citytech & Street Surfing

WK33: RIP Good Times Again? Celebrating Our First Year

 WK34: Crowdsourced Street View, Learnings & YC Class (One for the anti-portfolio. We were too slow to decide on Mapillary after asking for feedback in this update)

WK35: Life Quality Index & The Internet of Cars

 WK36: UrbanTech, HVAC, SAAS & Drones (Our first attempt to map the urbantech space)

WK37: Do Things That Don’t Scale, DIY vs DFY & See You in SF

WK38: Ending E-Waste, Raising Money & IOT Investors

WK39: Reimaging Mobility, IOT Love & SCS2015

WK41: Founding Crowds, First Rides & Traction

WK43 : Asking Questions, Solving eWaste & Porter on IOT




WK45: Founder & Investor Expectations, Rallybus Introduction & 2015 Prognostications (New year predictions and framing of founder and investor expectations, starting with regular updates)

WK48: Onewheel wins CES, Broken Cap Tables & Guaranteeing Energy Savings

 WK50 : Climate, Cities & The Growing Interest In Startups (In which we make the case for climate and cities)

WK52: PT Barnum, Distributed Energy, Air Quality & The Urbantech Radar

WK54: Forrest Gump, Floodscoring, Better HVAC, Private firms, public data & private IPOs

WK56: Money Getting, Future Getting, Better Policing & IR Blasting for Good

WK58: Revolutions, Seed Funding & A Magical 9V Battery

WK60 : YC Winter 2015 Batch, Urbantech & Smart City Startups

WK65 : Smart City Startups Recap, See Click Fix Intro & Hello Blocpower (We missed out on investing in See Click Fix, but were happy to start working with Blocpower)

WK67 : The Hardest Seed Stage Problem, Natural Disasters & Hot Water

WK69 : Batteries, Google I/O, Internet Trends & Cities

WK71 : Google for cities, commercial off-the-grid power, and stronger communities

WK73: The Pope, Building Robots & Our Newest Team Member

WK75: The Rise of Corporate Venture, City Farming, & EV Charging Pain

WK77: Regulators, Less Optimism, More Talent, and Better Maintenance

WK81: RIP Good Times II & Some Good News

WK83: Timeless VC Insights, Urban Farming Opportunity, and the Best Gift Cards (Bowery Farming was still in stealth mode, so we asked for feedback about the category)

WK85: Not fooling yourself, analytics and incentives

WK87: AI for emergencies, electricity & cheating. Urban.Us is two years old.

WK89: Diversity, Independence and Back To The Future

WK93: 2015 Holiday Edition & Walt Disney On City Design

WK96: COP21, Water Analysis & Stolen Bikes




A few questions for 2016

WK98: Thanks & 2016 Forecast

WK101: Call for startups, roommates and massive robots

WK103: Urban.Us Fund II, Urban Logistics & Portable Smart-locks (Our second fund gets underway)

WK105: Death Spirals, Tortoises & Pop-up Transit

WK107: NYC Urbantech, Citymart & Staying in the Game

WK109: Fun, Stylish, Economical, Convenient, and Low Footprint?

WK112: Hard Tech YC Special Edition

WK114: Free EVs, Robot Cars, Storytelling & Our Secret Plan

WK117: City Policy, Robot Inspectors, Toilet Networks and Our New Team Member (Our team gets better)

WK119: We Like To Move It, Move It

WK122: Internet Trends, VR, and Air Quality

WK124: Jaws, Narwhals & The Urbantech Fellowship

WK126: Software Eats The World But Regulators Set The Menu

WK130: AI HVAC, Distributed Teams, and Billion Dollar Videos

WK133: M&A vs R&D, Robot Furniture & Blockchain Energy

WK136: Burning Man, Pension Plans, Mobility & Co-Living

WK138: AI & The City, Carpooling, Compliance, Air, and Scaffolding

WK141: Three Years of Urbantech, Landlord Reputations & Welcome Starcity

WK144: What Trump Means For Urbantech (Start of the Trump era and the end of climate support (for four years))

WK147: Startup CEOs Second Job, Connected Bikes & Shared Kick Scooters




WK151: 2017 Urbantech Predictions, Commercial Solar, Car Rental & Thank You

WK154: Trust, Urban Data Scientists & Smarter Rooms

WK156: Linkedin for Government, Persistence & Traffic Accident Prediction

WK160: 3 Years of Updates

WK162: Lawns, roommates & zero emission airliners ✈️ (We should use emojis more often)

WK164: Revisiting real estate funding & prefab homes

WK166: Chemical Waste, Multi-Modal Travel and Climate of Hope

Special Update: Urban Us + BMW/MINI (We partner with MINI and BMW Group to build URBAN-X)

WK171: Summer tour, city government power & lots of housing news

WK175: Better Roads & Hello Liz! (Our team improves again)

WK180: Benchmarking B2G Sales  

WK184: Blockchain governance paradox & the next seven URBAN-X teams

WK189: Four Years, Urbantech Playbook & Seven New Investments (We launch the urbantech playbook

WK193: Startup Communications & People Directory

WK197: Art and machine learning for cities

WK199: Holiday Edition




WK202: Believability Weighting, AVs, Roads and AI (On how founders should manage inevitable conflicting feedback)

WK206: Demo Days & Flying Cars

WK210: Leadership, Decision Making & Delivery Robots

WK218: Robotic Spaces and Seven New Urbantech Startups

WK223: Visiting Our People, URBAN-X Cohort 4 & GDPR

WK230: Department of Urban Testing, LA & Lot’s of Fundraising

WK236: Time Budgets and Robot Groceries

WK242: Climate Change, Mobility and the Near Term Future of Everything  

WK249: Better Hardware Startup Math & The Mobility Data Platform (In which we make a case for why startups need to look beyond equity finance, especially if they make or use hardware)